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Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral Surgical Procedures in Edmonton, AB

As part of our practice’s dedication to thorough dental care, some of our dentists are qualified to perform a selection of surgical procedures to help our patients improve their oral health. Thorncliffe Dental Clinic provides oral surgery in Glenwood, Terra Losa, Westmount, and all surrounding Edmonton neighbourhoods. Schedule a consultation today if you believe you need any of the surgical options we can provide.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Your third molars, or wisdom teeth, are the last teeth to enter the smile. Unfortunately, this means that these teeth often emerge into a jaw that cannot fit them. Third molars often become impacted, or partially or fully trapped beneath the gums, which can lead to severe oral health conditions, such as pericoronitis. Alternatively, a fully erupted wisdom tooth might shift other teeth out of alignment and impair both your ability to chew food and the ease of maintaining an effective oral hygiene routine. In most cases, removing the wisdom teeth from the smile protects your oral health.

Our dental practice in Edmonton performs wisdom teeth extractions. If your third molars are impacted or affecting the health of your other teeth, and there are not any extenuating factors which require specialist care, we can remove them from the smile. We will also explain the circumstances in your case that make extraction necessary to keep you informed of your oral health.


The lingual frenulum is the connective tissue that stretches from the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Sometimes, a baby is born with a frenulum that restricts the mobility of their tongue. This can make breastfeeding very difficult for an infant, and older children who still have a restrictive frenulum often develop speech difficulties.

Our Edmonton oral surgeon can perform a frenectomy, or surgical removal of the frenulum, when a child is experiencing these conditions. Your baby can be free to eat and develop normal speech patterns later in life.

Palatal Torus Removal

The palatal torus is the bony bump on the roof of your mouth. For most patients, this bump is simply a natural part of their oral health. However, some patients can have a torus that is too large, affecting their ability to wear dentures, eat, or speak. In these circumstances, our practice can conduct a removal surgery to adjust the size of the torus.

Contact Us for Select Surgical Care

Thorncliffe Dental Clinic offers some oral surgeries to patients in Edmonton, especially near the Glenwood neighbourhood. We are happy to perform these treatments and to coordinate your health care with surgical specialists when needed. For more information about the surgical help that we can provide, call our practice and schedule your next dental appointment today.


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