Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional Health Support in Edmonton, AB

The health of your facial muscles is intertwined with the health of your smile, and health concerns affecting one will affect the other. This overlap is known as myofunctional health, and our general dentists provide therapeutic treatment for children with myofunctional health concerns. Thorncliffe Dental Clinic provides myofunctional therapy in Edmonton. Visit us today to see if we can help your child have a healthier, more comfortable development.

Helping to Address Health Concerns

Your facial muscles work in a certain way and are sensitive to any changes in function. On occasion, a child encounters facial muscles working outside of this order. These disorders can occur as a result of habits like thumb sucking.

When the muscles work out of order, they cause the jaw’s development to shift into an unhealthy direction. The two most common disorders to arise out of this growth are malocclusion and breathing irregularities. Malocclusion, which can refer to either teeth or bite misalignment, if not both, is a serious dental health complication that increases the likelihood of tooth decay, gum disease, and other health issues. Breathing problems resulting from poor myofunctional health can lead to difficulties in your child’s sleep patterns and their ability to pay attention in school.

The Treatment We Offer

If your child is experiencing these facial muscle issues, Thorncliffe Dental Clinic can help by using myobraces, which are appliances that influence facial development.

One appliance or a set of them is prescribed to the child, depending upon their particular need. Myobraces apply pressure strategically in order to guide the facial muscles towards their proper, orderly use. Over time, the muscles naturally reorder themselves to better fit the order set out for them by these devices. The development of malocclusion and breathing issues is halted once the muscles are cooperating in the way they are supposed to operate.

Additionally, using myobraces can do more than stop the development of teeth misalignment when first noticed. It can prevent malocclusion entirely if the misalignment is noticed in its earliest stages and the myofunctional appliance is applied immediately after diagnosis. In several cases, myobraces can prevent the need to wear braces, although this is not a guarantee by any means. Even if your child is wearing or has worn these devices, you should still take your child to see an orthodontic specialist to make sure a straight, healthy smile is developing.

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Thorncliffe Dental Clinic offers myofunctional therapy in Edmonton, especially near the Glenwood, Terra Losa, and Westmount neighbourhoods. For more information, call our practice and schedule your family’s next appointment today!

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