Our Approach to Dentistry in Edmonton, AB 

Thorncliffe Dental Clinic applies a multi-step approach to dentistry in Edmonton. This methodology behind patient care is meant to make each patient’s visit a successful experience for them. Schedule an appointment today to see if our style of patient care is the right one for you.

Serving Patient Needs

One of the first steps in providing effective dental services is to help the patients develop an understanding of the care they receive. Our dentists take their time in discussing treatment plans with our patients, including ways to help them customize their plan to fit their particular needs.

Our dental practice in Edmonton understands that there are several factors that make patients concerned with receiving treatment. The comfort of the procedure is one of the main concerns a patient has when undergoing care, which we address by describing the procedure in question. Patients are also concerned with the cost of procedures and whether other alternatives are available to fit their budget. If there are any alternatives that could provide effective treatment, our dentists will describe them and how they may affect your financial concerns.

Insurance Assistance

The budgetary concerns a patient may have with their dental care is often due to unclear information about their insurance plan. These programs often include jargon of what is covered and by how much, and all of that information can be confusing to a lot of people.

As a dental office that directly bills insurance, Thorncliffe Dental Clinic is happy to help you understand the specific details behind your insurance plans. We work with you to parse through the details of your coverage and explain the specifics to you for your education. We help you get the information you need in order to take charge of your oral health care.

Meeting Patient Expectation

As dedicated and passionate professionals, our team at Thorncliffe Dental Clinic wants to meet the expectations clients have for quality dental care. From addressing all concerns as they arise to engaging in friendly conversation with each patient, we treat our patients the way we would want to be treated if we were patients. At each step of a patient’s visit, we do what we can to help them feel comfortable and happy.

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Thorncliffe Dental Clinic uses this patient care philosophy to provide general dental care in Edmonton. For more information about how our practice can serve your particular needs, contact our practice and schedule your next dental appointment today! 


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