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 Dentistry for the Whole Family in Edmonton, AB

As a general dental practice, we are happy to help the people in our communities get the oral health care they need. Thorncliffe Dental Clinic provides dental care in Glenwood, Terra Losa, Westmount, and the surrounding Edmonton neighborhoods. Schedule your next dental appointment today to experience our care.

What You Can Expect

Our practice understands that visiting a new dentist can be a nervous experience for some patients, as they are not sure what to expect. At Thorncliffe Dental Clinic, you can expect your appointment to be focused on addressing your needs and concerns.

Our Edmonton dental practice keeps its focus on our patients, ensuring they are comfortable and receiving quality treatment. We start by making sure each appointment scheduled gives our patients enough time to talk about treatment options with our dentists. When a patient needs to undergo x-rays, we develop a complete set of images that captures their oral health accurately, helping us provide the specific care they need. At each exam, we thoroughly examine the intraoral and extra-oral environment to further understand their exact situation.

During each of these steps, as well as when our dentists craft their treatment plan, we talk to our patients about the process for our patients’ comfort. We provide all options to accommodate the health needs and coverage situations of each patient. We also ask each patient how their experience at our practice was, to help better serve their specific concerns in the future.

The Services Provided

Each of our doctors is a general dentist, but they also have the training and experience necessary to provide select procedures that you may need.

Specific services Thorncliffe Dental Clinic offers include:

  • Treatment of Gum Disease and Root Canal Therapy
  • White Fillings and Teeth Whitening
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Myofunctional Therapy, Night Guards, and TMJ Appliances
  • Velscope® Oral Cancer Screenings

Additionally, our practice is a member of Nimrod G. Montaño DDS & Associates, a network of general dental practices. By partnering with our sister practices, we may be able to arrange services that we cannot directly provide. We also can coordinate care with area specialists as needed.

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Thorncliffe Dental Clinic offers dental care to anyone in the Glenwood, Terra Losa, and Westmount neighbourhoods of Edmonton, among other communities. For more information, call us today and schedule your next appointment. 

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